Below are the answers to the top nine questions we are most often asked.
If you have further questions about our cabinetry service, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We can remove and dispose of your existing kitchen or cabinetry before installing your new kitchen.

We only take on projects that can be delivered in their entirety, from conception to completion. Repairing or adding to existing cabinetry of unknown quality is not a service we provide. If we can’t guarantee the workmanship, we don’t do it.

Due to the materials and service we provide, we can’t offer a budget renovation. As a guide, our kitchen renovations start at $15K. However, this depends on the kitchen size and materials chosen. 

Our quotation and design plans are free of charge. We take great pride in our quotation and design process, which is why we present your project in our showroom. If you decide not to engage our service further, you’re welcome to purchase all design plans and costing specifications to be used as you wish.

Our custom cabinetry service designs and manufactures and installs joinery for every room of your home. We often build wardrobes, studies, laundries, entertainment units and bathroom vanities. We’re only limited by your imagination.

Our specialty is hinged wardrobe doors. Unfortunately, we don’t make sliding doors.

On average, our design process takes four to six weeks from when our clients complete our design quiz. The process tends to be quicker with clients who have a tight design brief. The design process includes consultation, selections, measuring your site and the final presentation in our showroom.

Part of our service is coordinating licenced plumbers and electricians to install appliances such as ovens and hot plates. We have a reliable network of experienced trades we call upon to complete your project.

We understand that living without a kitchen is inconvenient. That’s why we have processes in place to minimise the time spent without a kitchen.

We can coordinate the removal and disposal of your old kitchen with our electrician and plumber. So, they can install plumbing and electrical shortly before we bring in our pre made cabinetry from our workshop.

The installation process can vary in length depending on the size of the project and the finishes you’ve selected. 

For example, if you select laminate benchtops, the installation process will be shorter than a stone benchtop. We order laminate benchtops in advance and install them ourselves. However, our stone fabricators will come to your home once the joinery is installed and conduct a check measure if you choose stone. The wait for the benchtop will be at least two weeks. After that, the plumbing and electrical can be connected.