Spend vs Save

Mastering your kitchen renovation budget

The cost of materials from appliances to splashbacks can vary wildly. Surprisingly, you may be able to skimp on some materials and get a better bang for your buck.

Where to spend and save on your kitchen renovation 

You can make your kitchen renovation budget go further with smart choices. 


Knowing where to spend big and where to go for a cheaper option can result in a kitchen that stands the test of time. And, is perfect for your lifestyle. 

Spend on hardware

Good quality hardware will keep your kitchen running smoothly for years to come. Drawers stay on their runners. Cabinet doors stay on their hinges. Runners glide smoothly without effort.


“We use Blum hardware. Their products come with a lifetime warranty,” says Braydn from Fisher Kitchens.


You can’t see expensive hardware, but you experience it. A kitchen is a practical place. Struggling with a draw only adds stress and detracts from a good meal.


“Drawer loads can handle weights up to 70kg with Blum, giving your kitchen more functionality and longevity. They’re also more time efficient for our cabinet makers to install, saving you in labour costs,” he says.

kitchen renovation budget

Save on benchtops

Benchtops come in a huge range of colours, materials and qualities. An expensive material like marble looks luxurious. But, marble will absorb every spice, coffee or wine spillage for years to come. 


Laminates have come a long way since the kitchens of our grandparents. For families with children, spending less on a more durable benchtop makes sense. They come in a wide variety of colours and textures and are reasonably priced.


Laminate can achieve the same natural look as stone with added durability, at a fraction of the cost. The benchtop edges can be rounded and pressed to achieve the look you’re after. 

Spend on labour

A kitchen renovation is not the time to test your DIY skills. Building furniture to fit exactly into your space takes experience, the correct tools and knowledge. 


“A cabinet maker ensures the finishing details are precise and completely customised to your space,” says Braydn.


Walls and floors are often not as straight as they appear. A professional will ‘scribe’ or fit the cabinet.


 “Panels and fillers are scribed to flow with the floor. Headers and bulkheads are scribed to the cornice and ceiling. We align doors and drawers so there are no gaps.” 


Cabinet makers will make the ‘carcass’ in their workshop and then fit the kitchen to your space, scribing where necessary. The finished look of a perfectly fitted kitchen is professional and will last the test of time. 


Custom made furniture takes time and skill, and is well worth paying a bit more for.

Save on cabinet finishes 

Cabinets are usually coated in either melamine which is a laminate or painted with polyurethane or ‘2pac’. 


“If clients are looking to reduce their cost, they can opt for melamine over 2pac painted doors and drawers,” says Braydn.


While 2pac gives a sleek finish, it can chip and is more expensive than melamine. Melamine is durable and comes in a range of colours. If it is damaged, it’s cheaper to replace than a 2pac cabinet. 


Melamine is a great option for rental properties or families with children. 

Blowing the budget on materials doesn’t always give you the properties best suited to your living. Fisher kitchens can discuss your budget and how best to allocate your money based on your lifestyle and what you’d like to achieve.