5 Kitchen trends for 2021

Kitchen trends for 2021 have, not surprisingly, been heavily affected by the challenges of 2020. People are spending more time at home. With travelling off the cards, Aussies have directed their spending to around the house. As a result, kitchen renovations are focussing more on comfort, family and now, more than ever, enjoyment.

Fisher kitchens have put together this list of the top 5 trends they’ve noticed this year. 


2021 Top Kitchen Trends

1. Multifunctional space

The kitchen is no longer a space just for cooking. With large island benches trending for the last few years, combined with lockdown, people are congregating in the kitchen. Cabinet space may gather more pens and colouring in pencils for homework. Monopoly and Scrabble may find a home in a kitchen draw. 

With more activities occurring in this multifunctional space, try to custom your cabinetry accordingly. For example, think of powerpoints in the island benchtop cabinets for laptop or phone charges. You could even store the modem inside here as well. 

Plan for drawers for games, charges, stationery and books. Speak to Fisher Kitchens about how you can best utilise your space.


2. Curves

The sharp edges of past years have been replaced by comforting rounded edges. Benchtops now have rounded corners, giving the kitchen a softer look. Think of an island bench with four rounded edges or cabinetry with a curve. Even the benchtop stone can have a flowing waterfall effect. Stone from the benchtop, flowing down to the ground, can have a curve. 

But, be warned, this effect does require extra labour. If the extra cost is a bit above your budget, you can incorporate this look with curves in the bar stools or other seating. 


3. Marble

Natural materials have been trending for the last few years, but since lockdown, have taken centre stage. Benchtop marble flowing up to the splashback gives the bench and stove area a cohesive look. The choice of colours are endless. There are various engineered stones available from a few different companies. You can opt for a white terrazzo stone that has little stone pieces scattered throughout. Otherwise,  black marble with a greyish seam running through it provides a more elegant look.

Try to pair the marble with the cabinetry, or make it a feature element by keeping the cabinetry white. Fisher Kitchens have samples of engineered stone to touch and look at in their showroom.


4. Zip tap

Working from home wouldn’t be complete without the water cooler or instant boiled water.  The zip tap sits alongside your kitchen sink tap, but provides boiling, chilled or sparkling water at the touch of a button.

They come in a variety of colours, which you could match with your appliances.


5. Wood veneer finishes

Tying in with our love of nature, beautiful wood finishing in cabinetry is stunning. Woodgrain is a design element that’s timeless. Oak, beech or pine, rather than the heavier redwoods, are trending. These lighter colours open up the kitchen rather than closing it in. 

Polytec WOODMATT is available in a high-quality laminate. This finish adds a warm, natural, timber tone with the feel of wood. But unlike wood, it’s durable, easy to clean and scratch resistant. Also, they won’t fade after years in the afternoon sun.

Check out the WOODMATT samples available in the Fisher Kitchen Showroom and see for yourself how they pair with stone samples for your benchtop. 


The latest kitchen trends have never been more closely related to practicality and function. Research shows tying in natural elements such as stone and wood are not only stylish but good for mental health. Multifunctional spaces encourage family conversations and time spent together. Speak to Fisher kitchens about taking the trends that appeal to you and making them work in your next kitchen.

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