Spend vs Save

Knowing where to spend and save your money in a kitchen renovation is key to keeping your budget in check. Plan your kitchen renovation budget with confidence.

Why you should use a kitchen designer

should I use a kitchen designer

Kitchen styles come and go. But on average, kitchens last 15 to 20 years. As the appliances and cabinetry are built-in, it’s quite expensive to make changes once the kitchen is finished. That’s why it’s best to get expert advice before starting. Maximise your storage space Built-in cabinetry uses every millimetre of space. Those weird […]

5 Kitchen trends for 2021

Kitchen trends for 2021 have, not surprisingly, been heavily affected by the challenges of 2020. People are spending more time at home. With travelling off the cards, Aussies have directed their spending to around the house. As a result, kitchen renovations are focussing more on comfort, family and now, more than ever, enjoyment. Fisher kitchens […]

How to plan the perfect kitchen

Planning a kitchen can be easier said than done. The kitchen is the room that’s most affected by changing trends, technology and general use. Honestly, if your kitchen is over 10 years old, you can’t change the cabinet fronts and carry on cooking. Pull up the faded laminate floor and demolish those cream cupboards. Start […]

3 timeless kitchen layouts and why they work

Effective kitchen layouts don’t just look good, they’re practical, functional places to cook. The best layout places the sink, stove or oven, and fridge in strategic locations. These three areas, when planned correctly, form the ‘work triangle’. The work triangle minimises movement in the kitchen and interruptions to the cook. The most effective distance between […]